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I Dont Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith WORK

Warren explained to Wilkes Barre Times-Leader how the song evolved after she saw an advance screening of "Armageddon": "I saw some of the scenes, especially in the end where Bruce Willis' character dies. It was very touching. So I wrote 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing'. I'd had the idea because I heard something that James Brolin said about Barbra Streisand, that he didn't want to go to sleep because he'd miss her. I kept that idea in my mind."

I Dont Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

In real life, Steven Tyler missed the first decade of his daughter's life, as Liv's mother chose to conceal her daughter's paternity in order to protect her from the influence of a drug-addicted rock star. But after the relationship was revealed in 1988, Liv and Steven developed a close bond. He had three other children through other relationships, but he described Liv as his "dream daughter" and has promised to make up for lost time. He said, "I love her more than anything and have a great relationship with her. We can talk about anything." (Source)

This one is clearly about the strength of love this man has for whoever it may be, and loves them so deeply-he dosent even want to sleep--afraid he will miss a moment with his love-even while she is asleep.

For me if we see it in a literal way it is simply a romance, although I also see it as the relationship between a mother and her daughter or son, as the mother from the first moment loved her daughter and wants to live with her all the remaining moments of her life, she lives with the constant fear of "falling asleep" as the song says and miss something important for her daughter, or for example that she "falls asleep" and suddenly her daughter who was a little girl for her becomes an adult, becomes independent and her moments are over. But I always like to change it to my perspective, if we change the "i dont want to miss a thing" for "i dont wanna miss a thing" in a sense of not wanting to miss someone or even anything, I see it as a sisterhood, I have a sister who I lived too many beautiful moments with, unfortunately a few days ago she had to move to go to college, from that moment I only listen to that song thinking about her, I hate to fall asleep not because I miss something, but because I miss her at night, because at night I just overthink, I don't want to dream about her because even though they are beautiful dreams, I know that those dreams will never come true, you never know when you will lose the one you love the most, I think my mistake was not taking advantage of every moment with her, I hope she is ok where she is.

I feel its more of a parent child effort not for a woman. because the way it seems like its in the present. Someone truely realizing that time is short. Not wanting to miss a minuite of this because of knowing its fleeting. Idk my interpretation anyway. Makes me think i should appreciate my daughter for even the stoppy moody times. Puts things into perspective. Id hate to regret things in the future although i imagine its inevitable.

James Brolin said that Diane Warren (the songwriter) got inspired after hearing Barbra Streisand retelling the beginning of her romance with James where he told her he didn't want to go to sleep because he would miss her 041b061a72


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