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Night Sky 1x6 !LINK!

Guesthouse 1x6 is a family-run boutique bed & breakfast with a hot tub and rooms designed by a local artist. The charming accommodation is located in the town of Keflavik, features six bedrooms with shared facilities, and is particularly suitable for couples and solo travelers.Location & NearbyGuesthouse 1x6 is nestled in the old cultural part of Keflavík, overlooking the ocean. The accommodation is surrounded by restaurants, such as Fernando's Restaurant, Biryani Restaurant, Oriento Restaurant, and Cafe Petite, which are less than a kilometer away. A short walk from the guesthouse, you can find a Krambud convenience store, open 24 hours a day, and an affordable Bonus supermarket.There are many awe-inspiring sites within easy driving distance for guests renting a car. After all, Guesthouse 1x6 is on the tip of the dramatic, volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula, a region packed with attractions. The Bridge Between the Continents, where you can walk from Europe to North America, is 13 miles (21 kilometers) south. Perhaps Iceland's most famous attraction, the Blue Lagoon, is just 15 miles (24 kilometers) away, where you can indulge in treatments and bask in azure waters. Seventeen miles (27 kilometers) from the guesthouse, you can find the bubbling mud pits of Gunnuhver, which are steeped in the legend of a vengeful ghost. The hiking path to the new lava at the Fagradalsfjall volcano is a 21.5 mile (34.5 kilometer) drive away, allowing travelers to marvel over the recent activity here.Other attractions on the Reykjanes Peninsula include the Krysuvik geothermal area, the Brimketill lava pool, and the lake of Kleifarvatn.Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik, is 30.5 miles (49 kilometers) east.Facilities & AmenitiesGuesthouse 1x6 has six bedrooms, three on each floor, and each level has a separate entrance. The interior of this eco-friendly guesthouse has been created using recycled timber, driftwood, and volcanic stones, forming a unique and welcoming environment. Each room has been specially designed in an alternative way and has access to a shared bathroom, with a unique mix of bathroom tiles salvaged from local construction sites. There is one bathroom on the first floor and two bathrooms on the ground floor. A maximum of three rooms share one bathroom.The guesthouse features a garden with a geothermal hot pool made from washed-up ocean stones where guests can unwind after a day full of adventures. In winter, you might be able to see the northern lights on clear nights. Your host will provide you with bathrobes and outdoor slippers.You can add an organic European breakfast if you request it at least 24 hours before arrival. Free WiFi is included, and private parking spaces are found next to the guesthouse.Why Choose Guesthouse 1x6?Guesthouse 1x6 is an eco-friendly boutique bed & breakfast with a hot tub that offers stylish rooms in a friendly and relaxed environment. Its location close to the Blue Lagoon and Keflavik International Airport makes it an excellent place to start or finish your holidays in Iceland. Check availability by choosing a date. Read moreRoom TypesStandard Triple RoomAccommodates3 personsBathroomPrivateBreakfastAvailableWifiFreeStandard Double RoomAccommodates2 personsBathroomPrivateBreakfastAvailableWifiFreeStandard Twin Room Accommodates2 personsBathroomPrivateBreakfastAvailableWifiFreeAmenitiesPatio / terraceTour deskHot TubLibraryOpen-air BathAirport ShuttleTerraceHeatingSmoke AlarmFire ExtinguisherOutdoor furnitureNo smokingGardenStreet parkingAirport drop-offAirport pick-upBottle of waterSpecial diet menusOn-site coffee houseChocolate or cookiesFruits Ticket servicePrivate check-in/check-outCCTVSmoking areaChildren's libraryHorse-ridingHikingHot springFishingExpress check-in/check-outPicnic area Show moreShow lessVerified reviewsTop things to do in IcelandBook your complete trip with the best companies only

Night Sky 1x6

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There are 46 hotels in Keflavik with excellent service. The local average price is 145 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 1 five-star hotels in Keflavik at an average price of 778 USD per night. There are 3 four-star hotels in Keflavik at an average price of 141 USD per night. There are 8 three-star hotels in Keflavik at an average price of 130 USD per night. Unique local hotels in Keflavik provide guests a unique and fresh feeling. Those who favor Park Inn by Radisson can choose a hotel under its name. Hotels under the Park Inn by Radisson brand are a good choice. Hótel Keflavík by Keflavík Airport in Keflavik is a favorite among users. If you're still unsure, recommends Diamond Suites.

  • Interactive LED Panels are giant circuit boards filled with superbright LEDs that respond in a complex, subtle, and gentle fashion to stimulus provided by human interaction. They can be used as interactive art on your wall, or tucked under glass to make your own Interactive LED Coffee Table. The best way to get the idea is to watch a video and see how the panels behave. (Interactive LED Panel video. Alternate YouTube link here.)(That's an 8-panel setup in the video.Incidentally, the video showing our previous model panels-- in dull orange not black-- has also been very popular, presumably because of the cat.)The LEDs in our Interactive LED Panels are normally dim and constant-- the most you'll see in a dark room is a faint glow of twinkling like the night sky. But when you set your glass down on an interactive table, the table "sees" the motion, and induces a slight ripple starting in that location that can spread out to other areas as it dissipates. The overall effect is a bit like touching a pool of water, in that your local disturbance turns into an overall gentle rippling, and eventually settles down. It is decidedly not a disco floor-- there is not any blinking, programmed oscillations, or for that matter, any digital electronics at all-- the circuitry is completely analog for improved aesthetics and reduced eyestrain.The panels work well under clear or frosted glass or plastic surfaces, and work in light conditions from darkness to sunlight. Interactive LED Panels are black, 12" x 12" (about 305 mm x 305 mm) square, with 80 ultrabright white LEDs arranged on a regular grid. Each has four motion sensor nodes, each of which controls 20 of the LEDs. So, a 6-panel setup covers six square feet of area (1x6 or 2x3), has 24 sensors and 480 LEDs, while an 8-panel version has 32 sensor nodes and 640 LEDs. We use plug-in plug-out connectors to each board edge making it easy to reconfigure the panels in any rectangular arrangement. Interactive LED Panels are essentially stand-alone devices. They require power to be provided but no computer or other external control is needed. Neighboring panels that are seamlessly connected together through their edge connectors can share power and communications between sensor nodes. Our standard power supplies can provide power to up to 12 panels. Larger numbers of panels can also be connected together if you wish to build a larger display; instructions on how to do this ship with the panels. You can mount these panels on a wall, in a coffee table, or on facing sides of a hallway, for an interesting art project.About ready-to-use panelsPreassembled panels come with mounting standoffs and brief usage instructions, including dimensions and notes about how to connect panels together for small and large installations. A set of n panels can be deployed as one block of n panels or as up to n smaller blocks of panels in different locations, so long as you provide an additional power supply for each block. For example, an order for 8 Interactive LED Panels will ship with one power supply that can power all 8 panels. However, if you want to install them in two separate 2x2 (4-panel) tables, you should order one extra power supply, capable of powering at least 4 panels.About our power suppliesThe power supplies are compact 24 V DC adapters. Our "Large" power supply (actually quite compact) powers from 1-12 panels. It accepts US or international AC power and comes with your choice of US, UK, EU or AUS line cord. If you are providing your own power source, it should be 24 V DC, well-regulated and capable of supplying at least 200 mA per panel. Do not power more than 12 panels from a single power supply; the inter-panel connections are designed for 2.5 A maximum.Power consumptionOur panels are energy efficient and typically use 1 W or less in the steady state-- under 8 W for a full 8-panel table top. (Most of this power is used to operate the sensor network.) At maximum amplitude when heavily stimulated, power consumption can reach as high as 5 W per panel, or 40 W for an 8-panel set. Recommended Accessories:5/64" Balldriver

  • 24 V 2.5 A Power Supply

  • 24 V 625 mA US Power Supply

  • 24 V 0.83 A International Power Supply

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Jim Hopper recounts to Joyce Byers seeing a child's room in Hawkins National Laboratory. Joyce realizes it was not Will's room when comparing his more detailed drawings to the childlike one Hopper saw on the wall. Hopper recalls accounts of a child being seen with Benny Hammond the night he died and theorizes that it could be Terry Ives' abducted daughter, Jane. A traumatized Nancy asks Jonathan to sleep in her bed with her, not wanting to be alone. Jonathan tries to comfort her by remarking the monster cannot get them in her house, but Nancy responds that "we don't know that." Mike Wheeler tears apart Eleven's blanket fort in rage. 041b061a72


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