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The Tombs' formal title was The New York Halls of Justice and House of Detention, as it housed the city's courts, police, and detention facilities. It was a notable example of Egyptian Revival architecture, although opinion varied greatly concerning its actual merit. As Dickens wrote: "What is this dismal fronted pile of bastard Egyptian, like an enchanter's palace in a melodrama?"

[Can-Am] House Of Detention.avi

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The facility is the northernmost of the four 15-story towers of the New York City Criminal Courts Building at 100 Centre Street, bounded by Centre Street, White Street, Baxter Street, and Hogan Place. The three southern towers are wings of a single integrated structure sharing a five-story "crown"[14] which house the city's Criminal and Supreme Courts, city offices, and various departments, including the headquarters of the Department of Corrections. The northern tower is freestanding, with the separate address of 125 White Street. It was officially named the Manhattan House of Detention for Men (MHD), although it was still referred to popularly as The Tombs.

Today, the Manhattan Detention Complex consists of a South Tower, the former Manhattan House of Detention remodeled and reopened in 1983, and a North Tower across White Street, completed in 1990. The complex still houses only male inmates, most of them pretrial detainees. The total capacity of the two buildings is nearly 900 people.[20]

That means crossing state borders could be the only option for some abortion-seekers - something often impossible for the growing number of women wearing tracking tags while under house arrest, awaiting trial, or ahead of immigration proceedings.

"Wearing an electronic monitor, sometimes you can't even go outside the house, let alone to another state to seek medical care," said Susan Burton, the founder of A New Way of Life, a Los Angeles-based re-entry program for formerly incarcerated women.

Two Bentleys and a Range Rover were parked outside the yellow-brick house with Greek columns on Staten Island where he was living in July. An undated video shows his daughter playing with piles of $100 bills strewn on a table and the floor.

The difference between State Prison and County jail comes down to the definition of duration of the term. County Jail generally houses inmates that are serving time that is less than a year. Also housed in county jail are inmates that are awaiting their sentence, so they are currently making appearances in court and were unable to make bail. In comparison, State Prison is for inmates serving lengthier sentences on crimes that are more severe in nature.

For example, a person who has been charged with murder will be taken into custody and housed in County Jail. He attends a bail hearing and no bail is set, which means he will have to remain in custody because he is either a flight risk, or a harm to society, or both. During the course of his trial he remains in County Jail. He is later convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life in Prison. Then he will be transferred to State Prison to serve his penalty.

County Jails also offer and manage alternatives to jail such as work release programs, work furlough, house arrest, and private county jails where the person convicted can serve their sentences on weekends.

Many jail sentences, however, have the option of being completed in ways other than being admitted to a county jail. With the right argument and strong negotiation, an experienced Southern California DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney may be able to persuade the court to allow a person to avoid serving Jail time. One such way is through the alternative of house arrest.

House arrest is available in cases where the person requires minimum security, is a low risk and non-violent. As mentioned before, it would not be an option in cases where the sentence involves extensive jail time, which is often in violent cases such as homicide. A person who is granted the option to serve their sentence under house arrest is confined to their residence under strict conditions. The house arrest will restrict their freedom and lifestyle, but it will allow them to complete their obligations to the government in the comfort of their own home. House arrest, does in many situations allow for a person to continue working and attend other obligations that are vital to their life.

After Avi was busted by the LAPD, Franklin was kidnapped along with Leon, who was also arrested the day of the bust, by Teddy McDonald and interrogated for any information as to why they were at Avi's. Franklin then learned he was Avi's plug and began dealing through him. When 2 of his dealers, Vic and Delroy, were murdered by Conejo in Pico-Union, Kevin became unhinged and Franklin reached out to Lucia Villanueva and El Oso for information on the Los Monarcas hitman. Lucia warned him that going after the killer would bring consequences to Compton. Franklin kept the information under wraps and then the Villanueva Cartel reached out to him seeking the recipe for the crack in exchange for the hitman's identity. Franklin refused to provide, unaware Kevin went behind his back just to avenge his cousin. At Acuña Park, Franklin and Leon arrived to stop Kevin from killing Conejo and bringing a war to South Central. Kevin refused to listen to reason and as he fired upon Conejo, Franklin shot Kevin. Agent Lorena Cardenas was present and spotted Franklin and Leon running while she went to check on Kevin. Franklin later learned that Kevin died of the gunshot and he was wanted for murder. He was prepared to skip town, but when he went to the house to say goodbye to his mother, Sergeant Andre Wright and his LAPD buddies swarmed the house and took Franklin into custody. He spent some time in jail, was denied bail, and was transferred to Pitchard Detention Facility. He was then released courtesy of Teddy and that's when Franklin realized his new plug was working for the U.S. Government.

As his business venture in the coke game expanded, Franklin acquired a place in the Hills where he stashed his money and his secret documents. During that time, Andre was hot on his trail. Franklin even resorted to making deals and doing business with Manboy of the Crips and Skully of the Bloods. When his cookhouse was compromised in the LAPD raids, he confronted his crew and personally had Leon execute the guy running the cookhouse that night. Another issue Franklin faced was Andre's daughter, Melody, who began to develop an addiction to the rock. Knowing Andre wouldn't stop to see Franklin's business being taken down, Franklin broke into his home and killed him, then fabricated it to look like a suicide. One LAPD officer, Herb Nixon, confronted Franklin, making it known that he wasn't a fool, but also made it clear that he had a price tag and was willing to look the other way in exchange for protection money. Melody, however, discovered her bedroom window unlocked, knowing that was Franklin's usual entrance to her house, and realized her father's death was no accident. During the funeral, Franklin saw Melody leave and head to her house, assuming she was looking to get high again, only to be shot by her and left for dead. After getting out of the hospital, Franklin soon discovered his hood was facing war between the Compton Crips and the Inglewood Bloods. He found the Family in a weak position during his absence, but the fact that he had the plug was the only thing keeping him and those close to him alive.

Franklin, one year later, is now running a major real estate firm with his new girlfriend, Veronique, who was pregnant with his unborn child, while still maintaining his position as the kingpin in the crack game. Elsewhere, his father vanished. He had a business dealing with Grady Williamson, until Teddy reemerged. Apparently, Jerome and Louie wanted to separate from the Family and go their own way while Leon was running the Projects. Franklin made it known that there are some things that are kept in his Inner Circle and to remain out of the ears of their foot soldiers. As soon as he learned Rob's dealer, Thad Brenner, knew about Franklin's CIA connection, Franklin realized Rob opened his mouth, and shot him in the desert for that. Another foe, Kane, who was Kevin's brother, made his was to the surfaced after doing time in prison. There were 3 coordinated drive-by's set, especially on Franklin, which didn't make the mark. Franklin soon realized Peaches betrayed him and even ransacked his hidden stash. Instead of going to war, Leon was able to talk Kane down and offer him an opportunity to fix the broken Hamilton household. Louie, on the other hand, chose blood. When Franklin learned Louie made a deal with Teddy to deal directly from him, he decided to part ways with Teddy and leave the game, but the consequences were dire when his fortune was hijacked and his accounts were drained. Desperate, he attempted to get Louie to help him with the situation with Teddy, but Louie, who was drunk with power as the crack queen, refused. Franklin even pulled a gun on her, but was disarmed by her new enforcer, Beau. All ties to Louie and Jerome were officially cut. Infuriated with limited options, Franklin now made revenge a major priority. He had 2 enemies: Teddy, the man who stole his money and Louie, the woman who betrayed her own kin for power. He hired Black Diamond and Dallas to help him knock off Louie's and Jammin' Jerome's. He even visited Kane in the hospital after the assassination attempt on his life and told him Louie tried to off him, hoping to leave Louie in a vicarious position. When Cissy told Franklin about her connections to the KGB with a plot to kill Teddy, Franklin was immediately on board.

The two Israeli citizens accused of spying the DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi have been released from jail. The judges rejected a new application for custody extension and the two employees of the Black Cube company have been placed under house arrest, reports.


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