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The Pirate Fairy (2014)

The Pirate Fairy (originally titled as Tinker Bell and the River of Doom or alternatively Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy[1]) is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated fantasy film directed by Peggy Holmes. It is the fifth direct-to-video feature-length animated film in the Disneytoon Studios' Tinker Bell film series and the Disney Fairies franchise, based on the character Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy. The film features the voices of Mae Whitman, reprising her role of Tinker Bell, Christina Hendricks as a dust-keeper fairy named Zarina, and Tom Hiddleston as a much younger James Hook.[4]

The Pirate Fairy (2014)

Zarina, an inquisitive fairy, is amazed by the magic behind pixie dust and is determined to learn more. She secretly experiments with blue pixie dust, creating variants; however, experiments with the pink variant grow wildly out of control, causing an accident in Pixie Hollow. Her supervisor, Fairy Gary, prohibits her from working with pixie dust. In sorrow, Zarina takes her experiments and runs away.

They follow Zarina to the coast, where she became the captain of a pirate crew, including a young James Hook, who is apparently the cabin boy. The fairies retrieve the blue dust for a moment, but Zarina retrieves it after throwing multi-colored pixie dust at them that switches their talents. Tinker Bell becomes a water fairy, Silvermist a fast-flying fairy, Fawn a light fairy, Iridessa a garden fairy, Rosetta an animal fairy, and Vidia a tinker fairy (much to her horror and disgust). They struggle with their swapped talents as they search for Zarina and the pirate ship, in the process meeting a baby crocodile that takes a liking to Rosetta's new animal talent.

They find the ship and sneak in, where they overhear Hook talking about how the pirates met Zarina after drifting off course, and she became the captain with the promise of making the ship fly so that they could plunder anything without getting caught. The ship arrives at Skull Rock, where the fairies discover the pirates' camp and a mysterious Pixie Dust Tree, which Zarina has grown using the pink pixie dust.

The fairies attempt to retrieve the blue pixie dust but are caught when Iridessa loses control over her nature talent and reveals their location. Tink tries to convince Zarina to return home to Pixie Hollow, but she refuses because she feels unappreciated. With the fairies now captured, the pirates make regular flying pixie dust. Hook, curious about flying, convinces Zarina to use some on him. After joyfully flying around the cave, Hook double-crosses Zarina and traps her in a lantern, revealing himself as the real captain.

As the pirates sail towards the Second Star, the fairies return and use their switched talents to defeat the pirates and turn the ship. Zarina attempts to retrieve the blue pixie dust from Hook, who chases after her. Zarina gains a speck of blue pixie dust which she throws at Hook, who starts flying crazily as the two kinds of pixie dust react to each other. As the fairies fly away, Hook swears revenge on them and is attacked by the baby crocodile. Zarina returns the blue pixie dust to Tink and her friends, before preparing to leave. Tinker Bell offers her a chance to return to Pixie Hollow and she accepts, helping her friends sail the ship back. The other fairies wake up with no recollection of what happened.

Zarina is about to promise not to tamper with pixie dust again, but Tink convinces her to show off her abilities, restoring Tink and her friends' original fairy talents and allowing them to put on a beautiful Festival performance. Everyone congratulates them, and Zarina's alchemy talent is finally accepted.

The film opens on a normal day in Pixie Hollow: Zarina, a Dust Keeper fairy, is always wondering about the possibilities of what Pixie Dust can do besides make things fly. However, Fairy Gary is against her curiosity and tells her that dust keepers do not tamper with Pixie Dust. However, when her experiments with Blue Dust (to make other colors of Dust) causes major chaos, she becomes excluded from dust-keeping. Sad and hurt, Zarina runs away from Pixie Hollow.

As the pirates set course for the Second Star, the fairies show up and engage them in battle while Zarina attempts to get the blue fairy dust away from Captain James who is wearing it around his neck. With more control over their swapped talents, the fairies manage to throw the pirates overboard one by one and turn the ship off course with only the captain left on board. The baby Crocodile helps by snapping at a pirate, but doing so swallows a clock and becomes so the legendary Tick-tock Crocodile. James manages to get covered in Pixie Dust and chase after Zarina and the Blue Dust. For a moment James is victorious, but Zarina gains possession of one speck and when she tosses it to James the dust all over him goes crazy and makes him fly out of control (Blue dust makes Fairy Dust go "from a trickle to a roar") till he passes through a wall of water summoned by Tinker Bell that washes off all the dust. Tinker Bell and Zarina take back the dust and leave the pirates stranded in the water.

After finally getting back the Blue Dust, Zarina bids her fellow fairies goodbye and is about to go her separate way only to be offered again to come home, which this time she accepts. They sail the flying ship all the way back to Pixie Hollow just as all the fairies start to wake up with no clue what just happened. Zarina is welcomed back, and just before she promises to never again tamper with pixie dust, Tinker Bell insists that she show off her amazing talents: Pixie Dust Alchemy. At the festival, Zarina shows off her amazing talents in Pixie Dust Alchemy and, at the same time, switches Tinker Bell's and her best friends' magical talents to their rightful ones, each with a different color of powdered fairy dust, putting on quite a show.

While most dust-talent fairies are content to simply process, sort, and deliver pixie dust, dust-talent fairy Zarina wants to know more about its possibilities and potential. She defies Fairy Gary's orders to never tamper with dust and conducts experiments in secret, and discovers a process to make dusts that can make any fairy capable of using a talent different than their own. However, an accident in her workshop ends up with the Pixie Dust Distribution Depot severely damaged. Zarina offers to come in early and stay late to help repair the damage, but Fairy Gary tells her not to come back at all, and that she is no longer a dust-keeper. Zarina packs up a few of her things, and leaves Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, Vidia, and Fawn follow after Zarina while Clank remains in Pixie Hollow to watch over everyone else. Tinker Bell and the others follow Zarina out to the ocean, where they see pirates taking Zarina and the blue pixie dust out to a ship on a rowboat. Tinker Bell decides that the pirates must have captured Zarina and forced her to take the dust, and so she and the others fly out to the rowboat to rescue her. They soon discover that Zarina wasn't captured at all - she is in fact the captain of this pirate crew. Tink decides to simply get the dust and leave. The fairies succeed in getting the blue pixie dust away from the pirates, but Zarina throws alchemized dust at them and knocks them back through a waterfall. She takes the dust back and returns to her crew.

The fairies wake up the next morning and discover that their talents have been switched - Tinker Bell is now a water-talent fairy, Silvermist is a fast-flying-talent fairy, Fawn is a light-talent fairy, Iridessa is a garden-talent fairy, Rosetta is an animal-talent fairy, and Vidia is a tinker-talent fairy. They attempt to leave the area behind the waterfall, and end up washed down to a beach where Rosetta encounters an egg that soon hatches into a baby crocodile. The crocodile imprints on Rosetta, deciding that she is its mother.

Silvermist locates the pirate ship, and the fairies resume their quest to retrieve the blue pixie dust. They reach the ship in time to learn that the pirates had discovered Zarina after drifting into Never Land, that she had promised to make their ship fly, and that the pirates intend to use their flying ship to plunder the world.

The pirates sail to Skull Rock, where Zarina and the pirates take the dust to a tree Zarina grew inside to make their own pixie dust tree. The fairies follow them to the tree to try to get the dust back, but are captured by Oppenheimer and taken down to the galley. Meanwhile, Zarina releases a few grains of dust into the tree, which begins producing pixie dust. James wonders aloud what it would be like to fly, so Zarina takes him for a short fly around Skull Rock with a little pixie dust.

Afterward, James confirms that so long as they have the blue pixie dust they'll be able to continue producing golden pixie dust to make the ship fly. Then he reveals his true colors: he only kept up friendly pretenses with Zarina as long as they needed her help, and now that they have a working tree they no longer need her. James puts Zarina into his fairy lamp and takes her to his cabin, where he puts on his captain's clothes, taking position as Captain James Hook.

Back in the galley, the baby crocodile that imprinted on Rosetta crawls in through a cannon port, and with Rosetta's encouragement helps the fairies get free. The fairies escape the ship and retrieve the blue pixie dust, but are immediately ordered to return it by James, who threatens to kill Zarina if they refuse. Tinker Bell returns the blue pixie dust, and James dusts the ship with golden pixie dust. James takes the blue pixie dust with him and drops the lamp into the water. Tinker Bell and the others rescue Zarina, and together they return to James's ship to battle the pirates for the dust and stop them from escaping Never Land on their now-flying ship.

Zarina pins James with one of the ship's yards and takes the pixie dust, then turns the ship upside-down to dump the remaining pirates into the sea. James falls beneath the ship's store of pixie dust, and thanks to Zarina's earlier flight lessons he is able to fly after her to get the dust back. However, a single speck of blue pixie dust falls within Zarina's grasp, which she throws at James. The blue pixie dust amplifies the dust already on James, causing him to fly out of control. Tinker Bell raises a wave in front of him which washes off the dust. Just before he falls into the ocean with his crewmates, Zarina snatches the dust away. 041b061a72


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