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Enya, The Very Best Of Enya Full [TOP] Album Zip

the first song on side one of discovery, fragile is a beautifully haunting soundscape, punctuated by the haunting loxian cry of maccurdy. the chorus is a simple, uplifting and soulful refrain, telling the listener to remember that life is fragile. fragile is the enya anthem. she talks of the fragility of life, but she also celebrates the strength of the human spirit. with lyrics like touch me, and i will never let you go, fragile is one of the best enya songs. the video, directed by mark romanek, was filmed in the caves of secao dos carajás, in brazil, and was one of enyas most popular clips. it also featured one of her most memorable cameos, courtesy of model helena christensen.

Enya, The Very Best Of Enya full album zip

an instantly recognizable, but also underrated, song from enya, in silence on the mountain has a simple piano progression, but never fails to send shivers down the spine. enya loves the mountains and clearly you can see why. when she sings in silence, she doesn't just mean she is going to be alone, she actually is in silence. a completely different song from enya, in silence on the mountain is one of the few enya songs that she didn't write. its a spiritual song, although it has a very light-hearted feel, with enya's trademark ability to turn a hum into a celestial chant. if you haven't heard this song, then you are in for a real treat. if you have, you know why.

a truly iconic song from the late 1980s, silk rose to prominence as one of the biggest hits of the year, reaching no.5 in the us and no.1 in the uk. the song is a wonderfully uplifting ode to the tranquility of the countryside, and the natural world. enya wrote the song while contemplating the himalayan mountains, and the song itself was inspired by a walk to the himalayas with her then boyfriend, producer michael morrison. for enya, the country air is full of the sounds of nature, and she expressed that with a hypnotic middle eastern percussion line. its an ode to a place of peace and solitude, and enya really does need no words to convey the message. the lyrics are very simple, but the message is universal. the song is an all-time classic, and when enya sings an understated chorus of where can i go? i wont go there, it sends a shiver down your spine. the song reached no.5 in the us, and no.


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