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Buy Vinyl Player PORTABLE

First off, you'll want to check out the best stereo speakers; after all, a turntable is only as good as your speakers you hook it up to. Or, you might want to look into the best over-ear headphones and wireless earbuds to go with your record player.

buy vinyl player

However, if you don't have as strong an ear for music or you simply don't need perfection, you'll be just as happy with a cheaper turntable. That's why we've included different record players with varying budgets so that the more typical music fan can still enjoy what's here.

It depends what you're comparing them to and if they're truly original vinyls. Yes, original vinyls do tend to sound better than MP3s. They also tend to sound better than CDs because they're an end-to-end analog format, meaning that they're recorded and pressed in a way that's close to what the artist originally intended.

If you know you're dealing with original vinyl, then it does tend to be much richer, with the distinctive sounds and vinyl distortion that purists love. But original vinyls do not always sound better than modern copies and even digital music.

The vinyl renaissance has meant even more great turntable options are available. Take our current top pick, the Pro-ject Debut Carbon Evo: it's so good it'll give your goosebumps goosebumps. If your budget doesn't quite stretch to the Pro-ject, that's not a problem: as the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT demonstrates, you can get serious sound without having to spend serious amounts of money.

One of the best turntables will transform your music, making it smoother, richer and injecting some of that authentic analog style into your favorite tracks. Many of the top record players you can buy today are packed with the latest audio tech, delivering impressive sound and unlocking details you might never have fully noticed or appreciated before.

With a budget-friendly price, easy assembly, and the convenience of wireless playback, we think that the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT could make a fantastic first turntable for any fledgling vinyl enthusiast. Audio-Technica is known for producing high quality cartridges, and the one used on this vinyl player is no exception.

In our testing, we found that there are some minor sacrifices involved in a turntable this affordable. The very light plinth feels rather insubstantial, and while the soundstage delivers that all-important vinyl warmth it could do with a little more crispness in the higher frequencies. For this reason, we think that hardcore audiophiles may prefer the sound and look of Hi-Fi turntables like the $1700 / 1500 (around AU$2750) Cambridge Audio Alva TT in our list below.

Inevitably, we found that it does sound its best through some great wired components than even the best top-tier Bluetooth headphones. However, we did still get that rich, vinyl sound wirelessly, and more clearly and with more precision than from cheaper Bluetooth options.

This record player really impressed us in all cases during our testing. In our review, we wrote: "The Alva TT V2 is a deft, smooth and insightful listen, a little short of dynamic headroom but very long indeed on detail retrieval, tonal balance and generously engaging sound."

The Denon DP-300F is a gorgeous turntable that sounds just as good as it looks: as you can see from our review we were really rather taken with it. We wrote: "If all you want is to listen to your records and not have to worry about queueing, premature needle wear or digitizing your records, the Denon DP-300F should be at the top of your list. Its features get you listening to your vinyl records as soon as possible instead of having to fiddle with complicated components and manual queueing."

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is still one of the best entry-level hi-fi turntables you can buy, even though it has been usurped by the more recent model at the top of this list. While vinyl newcomers may cringe at the relatively high price here, we've tested it and can safely say it's actually an incredible bargain.

Newbies may be turned off by the manual changing of the belt position to change speeds and that lack of an included preamp. However, if you want to extract more detail and resolution from your records than the cheaper options on this list, or if you want to get started on the path of being a true vinyl collector, we think that the Debut Carbon is probably your best bet. If you like the Pro-Ject Debut III but want a subtler look, check out the Crosley C10, which features a chic wooden-look plinth combined with a Pro-Ject tonearm.

So what does the Marantz TT-15S1 get you over the competition? Attention to detail. During our testing, we were pleasantly surprised to find that just about every part of the record player has been pored over to be the best it can be for the price. The fit and finish are excellent and we found it very pleasant to handle the high-quality components. This is a record player that'll leave you admiring its visual as well as its audible qualities.

Budget and style are important considerations, too. Turntables can cost anything from $50 / 50 to well over $2,000 / 2,000, it's a good idea to have a price in mind before you start your search. Think about how your new record player will fit into your home, as well. Do you have the space for an external amplifier? If not, look for a turntable with a built-in preamp.

Having tested countless record players over the years, we know that the best way to find out whether they live up to their specs is simply to dust off our vinyl collection, set up the deck, calibrate the tonearm (if necessary) and get playing.

When it comes to beginner and budget-friendly turntables, we're looking for simple setups, built-in phono stages and wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth (for listening to the vinyl spinning on the platter through your wireless headphones) alongside solid tracking and, of course, a rock-solid, dependable build.

Naturally, when it comes to high-end audiophile record players, we spend considerable time looking into the quality of the build, the playback speeds offered, compatibility, how well-damped the deck is and extra features such as USB ports.

Of course, whatever the price, audio quality is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting the best turntables. To earn a spot in this guide, a record player has to produce detail and clarity from your record stash while delivering that warm, rich analogue sound that good turntables are so well known for.

If you just want something to look cool and retro, then an all-in-one or suitcase record player might be for you, but if you are looking to get into vinyl seriously and have a decent sound, then stay away from them.

As you get more into vinyl and record players, you might want to upgrade. Make sure you buy a set-up that allows you to do this. Check out our article on beginner turntables for more information and a few choices and budgets.

These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself when buying your first record player. If you have a friend who is into vinyl, ask them for a helping hand. Check out your local record store and ask someone there. Visit online websites and message boards for advice.

Read the instructions that come with your record player and components. Follow them! Seek out guidance online or from friends. Vinyl Chapters is once more your friend here; we have a great article on turntable cartridges that will help you understand how your record player works. We also have an article on turntable and speaker placement which will help you get the very best out of your system and the room you use it in.

Are you an audiophile looking for high performance audio for your vinyl collection? Our pro series record players produce high quality audio and can be used as analog/digital DJ turntables (dust cover included). The proseries is a modern DJ turntable that also comes with USB port & bluetooth connectivity to ensure you have every option available to listen to your favorite music.

"What sound! I am truly blown away. My wife purchased this for me as a Christmas gift as I have a growing box of Vinyl but no record player. I can tell you after one listen I was stunned, the V1 sounds amazing, I even replaced my entire home stereo with the V1, the built in speakers paired with the wireless sub is simple to use, sounds amazing for vinyl, movies and it even has Bluetooth, score!"

As an apartment dweller myself, I've enjoyed pairing my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with a pair of Klipsch Reference powered stereo speakers. The speakers have the connections I need, and a built-in power supply, so I don't need to make room for any other components. Powered speaker manufacturers often build in a phono preamp as a nod to us vinyl lovers.

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