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Leo Garcia

Fun Face Master V1.72 Incl Serial PATCHED

The first example sketch we will look at is the WiFi Scanner. As its name would imply, this program scans for local WiFi networks. It then prints the results on the serial monitor. The results include the network SSID (name), the signal strength in dBm and an indicator if the network is secured.

Fun Face Master v1.72 Incl Serial

Download Zip:

New AF modes have also been added and are accessible in the main and 'i' menus. They include the addition of face / eye detection in the 'Wide area AF' mode instead of just 'Auto Area AF'; this means you can place an AF box over a person's face to tell the camera to focus on that particular person's eyes, which is especially handy if there are multiple people in a scene. An equivalent mode is available that prioritizes animals.

I have the following sketch working on an arduino mega. The pins are connected to a dartboard. When a segment is hit, it sends two values (i,j) to the serial monitor. Will this work on an esp32? Can I use the pins that I have listed in the arrays? masterLines = 11; //Change here to the number of lines of your Master Layerint slaveLines = 8; //Change here to the number of lines of your Slave Layerint matrixMaster[] = 36, 39, 34, 35, 32, 33, 25, 26, 27, 14, 12; //Put here the pins you connected the lines of your Master Layerint matrixSlave[] = 23, 22, 21, 19, 18, 5, 17, 16; //Put here the pins you connected the lines of your Slave Layervoid setup() Serial.begin(115200); for(int i = 0; i pinMode(matrixSlave[i], INPUT_PULLUP); for(int i = 0; i pinMode(matrixMaster[i], OUTPUT); digitalWrite(matrixMaster[i], HIGH); void loop() for(int i = 0; i digitalWrite(matrixMaster[i], LOW); for(int j = 0; j if(digitalRead(matrixSlave[j]) == LOW) Serial.print(j); Serial.print(","); Serial.println(i); delay(500); break; digitalWrite(matrixMaster[i], HIGH);


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