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Rock Of Ages Movie 720p

While perhaps overlong, the film is packed with rocking music and a game cast that keeps the energy going and you'll be hard pressed not to be swept up in it. It's loud and over the top but it embraces its absurdity that would normally have characters breaking into song at almost any moment feel unnatural to say the least. With almost non-stop music and most characters having a moment in the spotlight through a song, Rock of Ages is a perfectly entertaining movie with a performance from Tom Cruise like no other that carries most of the film's laughs.Noting the disappointing box office performance of the film, it can be credited to an unfocused marketing campaign that had trouble selling the film's admittedly flimsy and predictable story and not highlighting the main characters in the film, particularly as the film is driven by its two youngest stars. This would of given audiences something tangible to be attracted to. Instead it advertised through the cheesy line 'nothin' but a good time' packing it's advertisements with the stars and the music but never seeming like a 'must see' specifically considering the talent involved

Rock Of Ages Movie 720p

This movie is not flawless, but it is very energetic and fun. If you hate 80s music, then you might as well stop reading this now, cus from beginning to end it's 80s rock music. The sound of the songs in the musical numbers are incredible!! Very sharp and well sung by all the actors, some that I had no idea could sing! Catherine zeta jones was probably my favorite part of the whole movie! She was loads of laughs and fun. It did drag for just a bit in the middle, but it quickly picked itself back up, because the ending is one of my favorite endings in a move ever!! This flick is definitely not for the whole family, but I think the teens and adults will like it. Especially people who grew up in the 80s.

We’ve been provided with eight clips from director Adam Shankman’s (Hairspray) upcoming movie musical Rock of Ages to share with our readers.  The film stars Julianne Hough as a small-town girl with big dreams who falls for a rock star (Tom Cruise), but the film is packed with 80s songs from the likes of Journey, Foreigner, Styx, and REO Speedwagon. Joining in on the 80s fun is Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand,Malin Akerman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diego Boneta, Mary J. Blige, and Bryan Cranston.Hit the jump to watch the clips. If you missed any of Steve’s set visit coverage, be sure to check out 20 things to know about the film and his interviews with Shankman, Boneta and Hough. Rock of Ages opens on June 15th.Here’s the synopsis for Rock of Ages:

More of an updated take on Looney Tunes than a Pixar-worthy achievement, Rock Dog (which is based on a popular Chinese graphic novel but was written and directed by American Pixar alum, Ash Brannon) offers fun, old-fashioned comic mayhem. Still, the musical numbers are only so-so, and there are some historical rock references that may go over the head of the younger audiences (though parents may appreciate them). But positive messages about independence, responsibility, and parent-child understanding are smoothly woven into the story, and the action is fine for kids who are clear about real vs. imaginary action. 350c69d7ab


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